2 thoughts on “Church, ministry, St. Catharines, and Rome

  1. The link to the document was removed from AugsburgConfession.org today.

    The paper directly contradicts the Lutheran definition of church by including pastors in the church in the narrow sense not because they are believers but because they administer the means of grace. This is accomplished by confusing the marks of the little flock with the little flock itself. See especially pp. 2, 4.

  2. Why does it matter?

    “Although, therefore, hypocrites and wicked men are members of this true Church according to outward rites [titles and offices], yet when the Church is defined, it is necessary to define that which is the living body of Christ, and which is in name and in fact the Church [which is called the body of Christ, and has fellowship not alone in outward signs, but has gifts in the heart, namely, the Holy Ghost and faith]. And for this there are many reasons. For it is necessary to understand what it is that principally makes us members, and that, living members, of the Church. If we will define the Church only as an outward polity of the good and wicked, men will not understand that the kingdom of Christ is righteousness of heart and the gift of the Holy Ghost [that the kingdom of Christ is spiritual, as nevertheless it is; that therein Christ inwardly rules, strengthens, and comforts hearts, and imparts the Holy Ghost and various spiritual gifts], but they will judge that it is only the outward observance of certain forms of worship and rites.

    Apology of the Augsburg Confession, Articles VII and VIII, paragraphs 12-13

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