Corruption exposed

The privileged few maintain the status quo even at the expense of their integrity, telling the others how they can better themselves. The people long for relief from an administration that levies excessive taxes for wasteful spending programs while enforcing a legal system that favors the wealthy. Many find hope in a man who proclaims freedom through a new regime, a man not afraid to expose the greed and arrogance of the current leaders. He tells them their respectability in the eyes of society is a facade, noting that they take advantage of the most helpless for monetary gain.

But this man does not speak of the highly educated as the only slaves of materialism. Although he does not have his own home, he cryptically warns the hungry that they must stop seeking food as if their life depended on it. He also supports the full payment of taxes to the current government. Equally disappointing, he refuses to resist the authorities he has infuriated, enabling them to arrest him, privately try him, and publicly execute him. So much for the freedom he had promised the oppressed. His closest followers go into hiding, and their most vocal advocate of the poor commits suicide.

When things begin to settle back to the way they were before he had first announced the coming of a new kingdom, the surviving eleven of his inner circle bear witness that they have seen him alive after the execution and that he will return from heaven to preside in judgment. Ridicule, slander, threats, and violence fail to silence them.

What if they are right? What if he will judge modern idolization of the economy, success, pleasure, and the family just as inflexibly as he has condemned his own generation? Who will escape sentence?

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