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Modern Reformation

The article “If God exists, why doesn’t he prove it?” appeared today on the web site of Modern Reformation with its New Atheism issue.

With contributors “from Anglican, Baptist, Congregational, Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Reformed churches,” Modern Reformation describes itself as “the leading voice for confessing evangelicals across the Reformation spectrum.” Should the Lutheran Reformation and the Zwinglian Reformation be considered together as one Protestant Reformation?

If God exists, why doesn’t he prove it?

The author of The End of Faith asked, “How is it fair for God to have designed a world which gives such ambiguous testimony to his existence?” Christians typically respond to the new atheists with answers from the Intelligent Design movement or from other developments of Thomas Aquinas’s “proofs” of God’s existence. By contrast, orthodox Christians of the first century, far from advancing philosophical arguments for the existence of God, maintained that those who deny his existence suppress the knowledge they already have of him from the things he created…

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